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Extending Flex Builder has been extremely high learning curve and I’m not any where near accomplishing anything to finish this project.

I’ve collected links to some resources but I still can’t figure out the most basic thing. How do I capture an event when someone selects an item in design view? I really want to know how to do this simple task. Why is this so difficult?

Anyway, if you want to get started building a plug in for Flex Builder I’ll give you the resources I’ve found so far. Keep in mind that to create a plugin you will need to write it in Java and not Flex Builder.

Tutorial on creating your first Flex Builder Plug in

Eclipse Plug Ins, 3rd Edition – Book

Extending Flex Builder by David Zuckerman and Mike Morearty – Video
example projects
Much gratitude for the previous two resources. Unfortunately neither go into the design view.

Adobe Documentation
(out of date)

Design Model Example – Code Example
link (out of date)
Design Model Example 2 – Code
link (out of date)

It’s been a very frustrating experience. I would be happy if the design model code examples were up to date and could be project that I could import. I would be happy if I had an example on capturing events in the design view. I would be happy to know what classes are connected to what dependencies. For example, where do I find the class, “com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.mxml.MXMLEditor” and “com.adobe.flexbuilder.editors.mxml.document.MXMLDocument”? This means the classes can’t be found and projects can’t be compiled. I would be happy if there was a Extending Flex Builder online group to discuss these issues. I would be happy if the documentation on this subject is connected to live docs so you can leave comments or get feedback.

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  1. Tixel says:


    I know that the learning curve form building flex builder plugin is very high. I have been playing with for a few weeks now.
    I already have code that can write a mxml file in a new folder, but I can’t get it to register the file with the Flex project?

    Have anyone already tackled that issue? I could do with some help…

    Once I get it running, I’ll post it on my yet to be created blog.

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