What do you have in your programming toolbox?

I think the best and worst part about programming is the tools or lack there of.

Here’s what I have in my tool set for each of the environments I work in. I would love to hear about tools you find useful. You can post in the comments or link to a list of your own.

Flex Builder 3 Stand Alone – Flex Builder 3 is an IDE from Adobe based on Eclipse. It has a strong design view, feature rich code view and killer new css design view. My number one resource for Flex. The Flex framework combined with this IDE rocks!
FlexCoders – The most popular mailing list for Flex. A friendly and knowledgeable community with members from Adobe.
FlexComponents – Flex mailing list for creators of Flex Components.
WebOrb – A PHP server side gateway for your Flex app.
AMFPHP – A PHP server side gateway for your Flex app.
AS3 Error Search tool – A search utility I made to quickly find AS3 errors.
Flex API – A quick reference to the Flex API. This is a link to 2.0.1 API.
Flex.org – Official site all things Flex.
Chatopica – A cross domain chat client with a popular Flex usergroup.
Books on Amazon
Note: If you are still using Flex Builder 2 or Flex SDK 2.0.1 you need to upgrade to Flex Builder 3. There have been huge performance, profiling and debugging improvements. Keep in mind, you can still publish to SDK 2.0.1 from FB3 if you need to.
NOTE! I’m still looking for a good collection of Flex Component resources, especially for development in Flex 3.

Flash CS3 (publish only to FP9) – Main tool I use for animation. Also main tool to make graphics or skins for Flex applications.

IE Developer Toolbar
Web Developer Toolbar

AMFPHP – A PHP server side gateway for your Flex app.
PHP Developers Toolkit (PDT) – PHP Development Tools framework for the Eclipse platform.

mySQL and Databases


Version Control
Tortoise SVN

Comparision Diff Tool
ExamDiff Pro


Regular Expressions
RegExp Buddy


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3 Responses to What do you have in your programming toolbox?

  1. Erik says:

    My mind, and my heart. Neither are particularly powerful, but they’re all I’ve really needed.

  2. Judah says:

    Erik – link please? ;)

  3. polyGeek says:

    My needs are pretty simple. I used NoteTab Pro for just about everything other than Eclipse with Flex Builder plugin, and I’m getting used to FDT for Actionscript.

    Flash CS3
    Photoshop CS3
    FileZilla, Gmail, FireFox.

    Is there anything else? Not that I can think of.

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